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Like a personal assistant for your photos, Sortal does the work for you. 

With Sortal you can painlessly organise your image collections using your own personal memory engine that learns what's important to you and your life. Customise how you find your digital photos by what is meaningful to you.

We're currently in development. Would you like to test and have early access?

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A few important things:

  • Please note that the beta testing will be through Test Flight, so users testers will need to have their own iPhone or have access to one.
  • More information about our Beta Testing process is on our FAQ page.
  • Join our VIP Facebook community for the latest information about our beta testing program.


Sortal helps you quickly find your digital photos when you need them. In the iPhone Beta Test version of Sortal 1.0 you can:

  1. Set up your own unique profile and claim your nickname.
  2. Link your photos from your iPhone’s camera roll
  3. Sort photos by key word - this will be done by Sortal’s suggestions, which you can correct or add your own.
  4. Search photos that you have linked by key words that matter to you.
  5. Take photos in the app.