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Innovate your biz! Sortal:Enterprise is a new way to manage your workplace images from creation to collaboration to end use.

We're working with a select group of companies in 2018 who are trialling our image management artificial intelligence workflow.

If you'd like to be a pilot partner, contact us via our supporters page, we'd love to work with you!


Sortal is uniquely trainable, meaning that it adapts to each project, collection and workplace. Sortal is a powerful learning image search engine and multi user SaaS platform that:

  • Enables teamwork, collaboration and workflows.
  • Reduces manual and repetitive processes.
  • Reduces mental burden.
  • Reduces errors and misinterpretation of image related records and events.
  • Retains corporate memory.
  • Controls how your images are used and when.
  • Auto updates your database as events happen / new digital image collections are added.
  • Reduces unnecessary expenditure.
  • Improves lead time to deadlines.
  • Manages image related contractual and legal obligations.