Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I join in the beta testing process?

Welcome! You can sign up here, we'll get you set up pretty quickly.


I don’t have an iPhone, how can I test Sortal?

This version of Sortal is built for iPhone, if you have access to an iPad or an iPhone that you could borrow, you will be able to run Sortal on those devices. Unfortunately, Sortal is not able to provide you with any hardware or reimburse you for buying new hardware.

The good news is that Sortal will be rolled out to other devices and platforms later on.


Can I test Sortal on my computer?

No, Sortal 1.0 is only an app for use with iPhones and iPads at this time. However, we are working on our Sortal:Enterprise version, if you would like to have your workplace participate in a pilot trial, contact us here.


I don’t live in Australia, can I still test Sortal?

Probably not. Sortal is released for the Australian region via Test Flight in the App Store. Unless you have downloaded in Australia and then travelled abroad, Sortal won’t work for you until we launch in other regions.


Will I have to pay for Sortal?

The beta testing process is free. Thank you for your help!


How long do I have to test it for?

The beta testing process can take a few weeks or months, and as long as we are supporting Sortal 1.0, you will be able to use Sortal in beta. 

Ideally, we’d love it if you used Sortal everyday! Feel free to use the software when you need to find a photo and its recommended that you regularly link new photos that you have taken day to day.


Why do I have grey boxes in Sortal 1.0 when I’m trying to see a photo?

If you delete a photo from your phone’s storage, Sortal is not linked to it anymore and you will be left with an ‘empty photo’. Sortal 1.0 does not store or copy your photos as a master file. But if this is something you want, please let us know!


What are you doing with my data?

The privacy of your data is important to us. Your data is being used to help improve your Sortal 1.0 experience to make your photos more searchable to you.


My photo is not showing location keywords, why is this?

There are some instances where Sortal cannot populate places and location keywords. In these instances, you may wish to add that information back in. The main reasons why this information is missing is below:

  • Sortal doesn't recognise the scene or place where you were when you took the photo.
  • The location GPS setting in your phone may have been off or was unavailable at the time the photo was taken.
  • Some photo apps don't store GPS data in the images they take (eg. you linked a photo from another app or source which does not have any available GPS information)
  • A photo may have had GPS data specifically removed.
  • The image may be a screen capture or a copy of the original a photo.
  • The photo may be from an older non-GPS capable digital or phone camera.