Digital photography has changed the way we live

The rise and popularity of digital imagery means we are collecting data files like never before. Whether your images are for work or home, imagine how easy it would be to be able to find one very specific image from thousands in just seconds?


Our digital image collections are usually all over the place. Saved in multiple libraries, collections and different business divisions. It's hard to find anything. There is a lot of unnecessary manual processes for staff to find, track, use, edit, collaborate and share.


Across your life, imagine how many photos you will take - it could be millions! That's a lot of images to sort through. Sortal will help you find specific photos when you want them.

Our Mission

It's all about you.

Sortal wants to help you manage your thousands of digital images. These images could be for work. They could be precious memories collected during your life's journey. As life events happen, Sortal will be there to help sort through the digital junk to get back to what is important and valuable to you.


Our company values mean that we will look after your photos and your information, they will be safe and secure. We are committed to empowering connection, privacy, innovation, diversity and ethical practice.

We believe it should be easy for people to quickly navigate the digital junk to find exactly what they want. Sortal transforms how people manage their digital images, in both their personal and professional lives.
— Majella Edwards, CEO and Co Founder

What We've Achieved

  • Launched our Photo Poet app to the App Store 2018

  • The Brisbane Lord Mayor’s Global Entrepreneur Program grant recipient 2018

  • Brisbane City Council Innovation Grant 2018

  • Sortal 1.0 app was released for iOS beta in Feb 2018

  • Collider Accelerator for Creative Tech, Brisbane 2017

  • Winners of the Startup Weekend for Creative Tech, Australia 2017

  • Check out our press page for media coverage and announcements.