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Like a personal assistant, Sortal does the work for you. We know you're busy, now there is no more time-wasting searching through thousands of images to find the one you're after!

With Sortal you can painlessly organise your digital image collections using your own personal memory engine. Customise how you retrieve your visuals by using terms that are meaningful to you and your life.

Now you can find that image you've been searching for. Every time and anytime you want. Sort your life.

We're currently in development. Would you like to test and have early access?


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A few important things:

  • Please note that the beta testing will be through iTunes, so users testers will need to have their own iPhone or have access to one.
  • Other versions of Sortal will be available through alternate platforms at a later stage. 
  • Beta testing is available in Australia only at this time.
  • We may not contact you immediately, but we will be in touch as we release further versions for testing.
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